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Are you having problems with your toilet? Whether your toilet is clogged, having problems flushing, or keeps running, dealing with a problematic toilet is not fun. Worst of all, issues with your toilet can cause your water bills to skyrocket! A running toilet can waste an entire gallon of water in just half an hour! Don’t let your toilet’s problems create more headaches for you! Call us today to get your toilet repaired! In the case that your toilet is broken and needs to be replaced, we can also help you install your brand new toilet!

 A-1 Speedy Rooter, and Plumbing Inc. offers toilet repair and installation services. We’ll provide the perfect solution for all your bathroom needs! Call us and we’ll send someone right over to fix your toilet problems! Do you have a leaky toilet, an issue with your toilet’s flush valve, or a need to get a brand new toilet? Our plumbing professionals are available to help you with all your toilet repair and installation needs ! Are you dealing with an emergency repair issue? Our plumbers are on call and offer 24 hours emergency services, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 714-497-0869!

Do You

Have a Leaky Toilet?

First of all, leaky toilets are no friend to you and your home’s water bills. If left undetected, a leaky toilet can cause enormous water waste. As a result, you’ll send your money down the drain at a rapid pace! Don’t let unnecessary water waste create more problems for you! If you suspect your toilet may be leaking, but are uncertain, here is a way to help you properly diagnose the problem.

To detect a leaky toilet, use food coloring drops. First, you will need to remove the toilet’s tank lid. Then, pour a few drops of the food coloring into the toilet’s water tank and wait for half an hour. Do not flush the toilet while you are waiting. Lastly, watch where the dyed water flows. If you see any of the dyed water leak out into the toilet bowl, it confirms that your toilet has a leak.

Call a plumber to help you address this issue as soon as possible! Call 714-497-0869 for immediate assistance from A-1 Speedy Rooter, and Plumbing Inc.!

Do You Need A New Toilet?

If you are dealing with repeated issues with your current toilet, it might be time to replace it with a new one! Here’s how you know it’s time to toss out the old and bring in the new!

Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

One reason you would need to consider replacing your toilet is if your current toilet repeatedly gets clogged. If you have an older toilet model, it most likely has a low flush. Older models are inefficient in properly clearing blockages when you flush the toilet. However, updated and newer models will be efficient in saving water while maintaining a strong flush. If you find yourself plunging your toilet too often, save yourself the headache and replace it with newer model.

Your Toilet Is Cracked

Another reason to get a new toilet is if the toilet is cracked. Look for cracks in the porcelain. If you find any cracks in the tank, bowl, or the toilet’s base, it’s time to get a replacement as soon as possible. Cracks in the toilet will lead to leaks and if you don’t catch it early, your water bills will startle you. It is also important to note that if your toilet is cracked, it is well on its way to breaking and deteriorating. So don’t wait to get a new toilet installed immediately!

You Want To Save Money and Water

Lastly, one other reason why you should replace your old toilet is if you are looking to save money and water. If you have an older toilet model, the flush system may not be as efficient as the newer models. With all its new features and upgrades, modern toilets are created to have greater efficiency in saving gallons of water per flush and usage. Consider switching over to a newer model. Not only will they look sleeker, but your wallet will thank you.

For all your toilet repair and installation matters, A1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing, Inc. is here to assist you and will deliver excellent, quality service! We pride ourselves in delivering great customer care! Our professional plumbers will be happy to assist you with all your needs! We offer emergency plumbing services 24-hours, 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to enlist our help for your home’s emergency! Call us today at 714-497-0869!