Get The Best Plumbing Maintenance With A1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing!

Like your annual checkup at the doctor’s office, your home’s plumbing system needs consistent routine checkups with your local plumber. Good thing A1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing, Inc. is here to give you a hand with your plumbing maintenance! We specialize in a wide variety of professional services such as drain cleaning, shower repair and installation, water heater replacement, tankless water heater installation, hydro jetting, leak detection and repair, repiping, toilet repair and installation, and more! Got an emergency? We offer 24-hour plumbing services! Whether it’s to unclog a drain or a blocked toilet, our emergency plumbers are on standby, and will be ready to go when you give us a call!

When your mechanic checks under the hood of your car, there is a list of things that they will look for in a routine checkup. The same goes for your plumbing! Every few months, take a look at the plumbing fixtures in your home to see what needs work and maintenance. The best way to take care of your home is to take preventative measures in upkeeping the plumbing system. We offer exceptional preventive and routine maintenance care! Give us a call and we’ll send someone right over to take a look and help with your home’s plumbing issues!

Here are a few things to have on your checklist when doing a routine maintenance checkup!



First of all, one of the most important items to check is your home’s water heater. This is a cylindrical tank located in your garage, laundry room, or basement. Check your water heater for any flooding, pools of water, and leakage. Also check for any corrosion or burn marks. If your water heater is making noise, then this could be a sign of too much sediment in the tank. If you notice any leakage, corrosion, or noise, you will need to call us for a proper inspection, as it could be signs of your water heater failing!

Secondly, be sure to look for any corroded pipes. If left off the inspection list, a water leak or a burst pipe is likely to occur. Don’t wait until you have to deal with the effects of water damage or unnecessary flooding in your home! In the case that a pipe leaks or bursts in your home, make sure you know where the water valves are for each appliance.

For a sink, the valve may be located underneath the cabinet or counter. A toilet’s water supply valve will be located under the toilet against the wall. Lastly, for a washing machine appliance, the valves will be behind the machine connected to the back wall. In each situation, you will need to turn the valve clockwise to turn the water off. If you are having problems with other areas in your household, you can turn off the entire water supply for the house.


Inspect your bathroom for any leaks in the pipes, showers, and faucets. Leaky pipes and faucets can cause your water bill to skyrocket so it’s best to do a regular inspection to get all problems addressed right away.

Do you notice any clogged drains in the bathtub or sink? If you notice that water is draining very slowly, it’s most likely due to a clog. To unclog your sink drain, we recommend boiling some hot water in a kettle and pouring it down the drain.

Finally, another item to check is your toilet. Does the toilet water keep running? If so, this could be problematic! A running toilet can waste up to an entire gallon of water in just half an hour, and this will cause your water bill to soar.


First, check for any leaky faucets or low water pressure in the kitchen. Look under the sink cabinet to see if there are any leaks in the pipe. Is the water valve opened all the way? Low water pressure could be a result of a closed water valve. To fix this, all you have to do is turn the water valve counter clockwise to open up the water supply.

Secondly, check to see if the aerator piece in in the faucet is clogged. Sediment and mineral builds up can clog the aerator and prevent water from freely flowing through, causing low water pressure. Clean the aerator with a brush and a baking soda and vinegar solution. Lastly, check the sink drains for any clogs or slow drainage.

For all your plumbing maintenance, A1 Speedy Rooter and Plumbing, Inc. is here to assist you and will deliver excellent, quality service! We pride ourselves in delivering great customer care! Our professional plumbers will be happy to help you with all your maintenance needs and help answer any questions. We offer emergency plumbing services 24-hours,7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to enlist our help for your home’s emergency! Call us today at 714-497-0869!